4th project meeting

In the second term of the EUREKA ProTexSafe project, the Hungarian participants met for the first time on the 25th of May, 2018. This was also the 4th project meeting. The meeting took place at INNOVATEXT Textile Engineering and Testing Institute, where the tasks of the current term and administrative issues were also discussed.

The following items were on the agenda:

1. Comments and questions on the financial and professional reports of 2017

2. Changes on the standard contract modification

3. Presentation and inspection of the protection against knife cutting checking device

4. Clarification of the tasks set out for 2018

a) Presentation of the tasks undertaken by INNOVATEXT Textile Engineering and Testing Institute

i. Project coordination tasks in the 2nd period

  • constant management and controlling as the lead partner of the project;
  • communication, organization, coordination among project partners, etc.

ii. Orientation tasks in the 2nd period

  • updating the official website, publishing partial results;
  • arrangement and publication of project meetings, etc.

iii. Comparison test of textile material structures chosen for mechanical protection

  • laboratory tests on the protective capabilities of particular material structure:
  • comparison test of mechanical risks (knife cutting) and thermal resistance on material structures made of different (textile and leather) raw materials;
  • comparison test on material structures made with different manufacturing technologies (knit, laminated, hollow textile fabrics, etc.); analysis based selection of optimum parameters in order to design the experimental industrial manufacturing process.

b) Presentation of the tasks undertaken by the Budapest University of Technology and Economics

i. Comparison test of textile materials for arm protection against vibration

  • evaluation of vibration attenuation test results, selecting optimum parameters for material structures to be developed

  • laboratory tests on the protection abilities of different material prototypes’ against vibration against vibration on different materials; validating the attenuation of vibration and its measurement methods, participation in round tests, analysis of test results, sorting out optimum parameters for technical application and the pilot manufacturing of protective gloves.

c) Presentation of the tasks undertaken by Glovita Gloves Co.

  1. Material structure prototype development against mechanical, vibration and thermal risks and dissemination of the results

  2. Production of complex protection systems in a laboratory environment in cooperation with the partners; computer-aided design and modeling of multilayer parts manufactured by an automatic knitting machine and an industrial sewing machine.

  3. Applied research for the protective material structure prototypes against mechanical, vibration and thermal risks; examination of the prototypes’ technical use; publishing partial results.

5. Discussion about the tasks due for the next meeting

6. AOB

May 30